Fall Fashion Trends

Lots of new trends have been carried over from the summer to the upcoming fall season. There has been many different trends carried out from the runway at fashion shows but also more casual looks. There is something stylish for whatever you want to wear.



The Peplum style has been a trend that started to become more popular in the summer and is carried into the fall. The peplum style is popular in the younger age rage but certainly anyone can wear the style! Many designers and stars have been sporting the fun and cute style. Even though the dress form is my personal favorite…there is also shirts and skirts that have the same peplum look.


Studded collar shirts are really in right now. Usually the shirt is a button down. It could be long sleeve, short sleeve, or even a tank top version. They all are super stylish and could be worn with about anything. This piece is also great because it could be worn during any season. If you don’t like studs then you could also get other designs on the collar such as sequins and jewels. In my opinion i would pair these types of shirts with dark jeans or a skirt.


Skinny jeans have been all the rage for quite some time now. Throughout the years many designers and stores have came out with different colors and designs on the jeans. Colored skinny jeans are always a good way to give an outfit more of a pop. There is so many colors to choose from, they have every single color ever invented. If you want to take a risk, then you could purchase skinny jeans with a pattern. Some patterns I have seen recently would be feathers, flowers, and tie-dye. A great place to purchase skinny jeans of any kind would be American Eagle and Buckle.


If there is anything a girl needs it would be a new pair of shoes! The fall trends for shoes are lots of darker colors. Many browns, blacks, and dark reds. High heels are always a must in many girl’s closets. This fall the trend for high heels are chunky heels and also classic pumps. If you aren’t a high heeled girl, like myself, you could always go after loafers. I know loafers are “grandparent” shoes, but really they are coming back and are quite cute! Another pair of flatter shoes would be ballet flats. A popular design for flats would be cheetah print. This would be a good shoe to add a pop of design to a plain outfit.


Jackets are a great way to stay warm in the fall but also add more edge to your outfit. The number one jacket that will forever be a staple piece in anyone’s closet would be the blazer. There are so many different types of blazers that you could try. There is the classic black blazer that comes in the long business type or the cropped sleeves. Not only is a black blazer a good choice in jackets but also colored or printed blazers. Prints and bright colors are really in right now. Floweral printed blazers have started to come out and have really been a hit. A good thing about blazers is, you can dress it up or dress it down. If you wanted to dress more business then you could try the classic black blazer. If you wanted more of a girly touch then you could buy a print of floweral print blazer.

As the season Fall is approaching there is lots of different ideas and styles that you could tackle and try. No matter if your style is girly, sporty, edgy, or bohemian. There is something out there for everyone this fall season!




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