DIY Clothing: T-shirt scarf

Going out to the store and spending lots of money of clothes that you could maybe only wear one can be a waste. If you don’t want to go through all of the trouble of wasting money then you could do a DIY craft! For example, lots of people in the summer time were studding their own jeans or shorts. This was very popular with teens and 20 year olds. Since it is not summertime anymore and the weather is transitioning into fall, the t-shirt scarf has became very well known.

To complete your very own t-shirt you will need the following items:

1.An old t-shirt that you wont mind cutting up(the bigger the t-shirt the longer the scarf)



1. Start off by cutting off the hem on the bottom of the shirt.

2.Cut the bottom of the shirt into 1″ to 1 1/2 ” strips.

3.Hold 4-5 strips of the shirt in your hand and begin to stretch them out. (As you stretch them, they begin to curl).

4.Cut off a piece of fabric that is 1″ to 1 1/2″ wide and you will use that to tie the strips together.

5.Gather all of the strips and use the fabric piece to tie them all together.

6.After you have wrapped the strips together, knot it and cut off the extra fabric.

7.Once you are finished with gathering the strips together, put the scarf on so it dangles around your neck.

8.Twist the scarf once into a figure 8 and you can wear it is an infinity scarf.


To see the instructions with pictures you can go to:

Making your own t-shirt scarf will save you money and also give you a fun way to style an outfit! If you dont have any use for old t-shirts grab them and make a t-shirt scarf!


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