DIY Clothing: Dip Dyed Cardigan

The dip dyed theme is really getting common. Starting in the summer with the dip dyed shorts and fringe shirts, we have now transitioned to dip dyed cardigans! If you don’t know what dip dyed means, it is when you dip part of your clothing that you dying, usually the bottom, into to dye to make a cool almost ombre affect to the piece. You can do about any color as long as there is dye available to you in that color. A cardigan dip dyed would still keep the style in but also give you a new clothing piece for the fall!


What you will need:

1. an old cardigan



4.rubber bands



1. Find a old cardigan that you are willing to dye.

2. Pour your bleach into a jar to the desired height.

3. Place the ends of the cardigan evenly and then tie it off at your desired height that you want dyed with a rubber band.

4. Carefully dip your cardigan into the bleach for about 5 minutes. After you waited for 5 minutes rinse the cardigan well.

5. After you wash it and let it dry you are finished!

6. Enjoy!

To help you decide how to syle a dip dyed cardigan, here are some tips. With your dip dyed cardigan you can wear a solid color tank top or t-shirt underneath. Most people would choose white or black. Also for the bottoms, you can pair it with a colored skinny jean or pant. This adds more color and makes your dip-dye cardigan stand out more! Depending on the color of the cardigan and how the dye turned out, you can also pair it with a simple patterened shirt and a solid pant.

To get the instructions more indepth with pictures of the step by step directions, you can check out this blog to see how her cardigan turned out!


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