Fall Nail Polish

During the season of Fall you should always wear nail polish colors that go along the weather. During the fall and winter seasons the instyle for nail polish is usually darker colors, especially dark reds, purples, and browns. If you really want to go dark you can also wear black nail polish. If you were to wear a neon color for example, it wouldn’t look as good because neon colors are in during the summer time. Some nail polish brands that are good for finding fall colors would be Essie, OPI, and China Glaze.

Some fantastic  colors for fall are:

1.Essie’s Raspberry Red is a great color for transitioning into the new season. It is a darker shade of reddish pink. If you want something that is darker but not too dark, this color is a great choice!

2.Essie’s Stylenomics is a dark green color that almost looks black. This is a good color if you dont want a redder tone on your nails and want something more “cool”. This nail polish is part of Essie’s Fall 2012 Collection that came out a couple of weeks ago. If you want to view the other nail polishes in their collection then you can go to http://www.essie.com/latest-collection/?cm_mmc=LabeliumSearch-_-GoogleGenericContent-_-Trends-_-&gclid=COOyz-2l1rICFcU-MgodgGYAfQ .

3.OPI’s Plugged in Plum is a nice darker purple color for fall. This color is most commonly worn during the fall season besides reds. If you are a person who wears pink alot during the summer or spring season than this is a nice transition color from those neon pinks.

4. Whenever you think of fall or halloween you think of the color orange! Orange is like the staple color for the season. If you are still trying to hang onto those bright neon colors this color is a good choice for you.

All of these nail polishes are affordable to everyone! None of these colors are more than eight dollars. You can purchase them at almost any drugstore, including Target and Walmart. Another great place to purchase tons of nail polishes is Ulta.

Try out these new colors for fall! 🙂


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