DIY: Halloween Costumes


Why go out and spend ridiculous amounts of money to purchase a costume for Halloween when you probably are only going to wear it once. Many people now are creating their own costumes or DIYing them to add their own twist to popular, more common ones.

For a more original costume that most people wouldn’t dare be seen in, you can try forming your own loofah costume! Yes, the shower loofah that you use to wash yourself with! Lots of these types of costumes have been all over the internet and it takes a daring person to wear it!

To make your own loofah costume you will need to do the following things:

1. Go to your nearest fabric store and purchase about 20 yards of netting in a color of your choice.

2. Take your netting and cut it into 8 equal lengths. Each length will be 2.5 yards long. Make sure that it is double thick when you cut it so you can get a poofier loofah.

3. Once you have your 8 pieces of netting cut into 90″ pieces each, you will fold each piece into 3’s. You will now have triple thick sections that will be 24″ by 30″.

4. You will want to put your netting so the 30″ side is downwards.

5. Take one section and keep all the layers folded. Take one of your elastic and tie the middle of the piece so it looks like a bow shape when your finished.

6. Do step #5 to all 8 of your sections until you have 8 bow shaped pieces of netting.

7. Take two more pieces of elastic. Use one for your waist size and one for your bust size. Once you have measured those out, take 5 sections of netting and tie them onto the elastic for your waist. Take the remaining 3 pieces of netting and tie those onto the elastic for the bust area.


For step by step directions with pictures of what is happening in each step you can go to the website below!

Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

If you don’t want to be risky and wear something really puffy and out there, then you can try the Dorothy costume that is so easily makeable! We all know Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. That blue picnic blanket looking dress with the glitter red shoes. If you enjoy her look as much as I do then you will love this Halloween costume tutorial.

What you will need:

1. 70 inches of gingham fabric(blue and white combination)

2. 4 white buttons

3. White thread and a needle

4. Pins


1. Start by cutting a piece of fabric into 39″ by 24″ for the skirt.(This model was made for someone who is 4’9″, so make adjustments if needed).

2. Sew the trim on the bottom of the skirt along the length of the fabric and then sew the two 24″ ends together but not all the way up! Stop sewing 6 inches before the end, leaving a gap.

3. Cut a patch of 8″ by 13″ for the top piece of the apron. Sew the hem on all four sides to give it a clean finish. Then, sew it to the front of the skirt, in the middle part.

*If you do not want to sew or don’t know how to, you can use glue, it makes for a much faster and easier way to attach the fabric.

4. With the remaining fabric, cut 2 strips of 25 inches long and 2 inches wide, and a third strip of 51″ by 4″. The first two strips should be sewn to the front part after you properly hemmed the sides. Add two white buttons at each end on the top piece.

5. Your last strip, after you properly hemmed the sides and the ends, will be your waist tie. Sew it to the skirt, below the top piece, all the way to the back, leaving around 3 inches unsewn on each end to tie it up. Last but not least, sew the last two buttons onto the waist tie, at the front, aligned with the other two buttons on the top piece.

If you want to have your very own glittery red shoes and you can’t find any in stores, then you can try this idea!

Take a pair of shoes, preferably black or red and get some Mod Podge that will be used to put the glitter on your shoes. Go out and buy some red glitter that you will be able to put on your shoes. Start by painting the mod podge onto your shoes and then pour the glitter onto your shoes. Shake the excess glitter off and you have your very own Dorothy shoes!:)

For picture step by step and more about this wonderful look created by Pauli you can go to the address below:


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