Fall Trend: Modern Military

A trend that has become more and more popular as fall approaches us would be the modern military look. Taking camouflage and pieces you would usually see on the battle field are starting to pop up on the streets everywhere! More and more women are taking a like to the military and camouflage look because it tends to be more casual but gives your look a stylish, cute vibe.

Many people have paired the military look with white and black colors and even khaki and jean material. Girls are even starting to wear camouflage with dresses. A very popular look would be a camouflage jacket over it with a dress, jeans, and even combat boots. Personally I think that this look is very cute and a good way to sort of dress down your outfit.

Another camouflage trend would be the camo pants. Everyone is starting to wear these no matter where they are going. Most popular would be with a white shirt and a leather jacket and some boots or high heels.

If you dont want to do camouflage you can also try the military style jackets! These have also become very popular with todays fashion choices.

You can find these fall style trends on the runway and the streets! Men and women in uniform aren’t the only ones that can pull of the camouflage look!:)


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