2013 Must Haves

Since the new year has begun people are trying to keep their resolutions and also cleaning out their closets, many items of clothing have became a must have for the year 2013. 2013 will bring in more style than ever with the items selected. When starting a new year you should always go in with a fresh look and an open mind. You can’t say you don’t like the items if you have never tried them! Here are the items for 2013 that you MUST HAVE in your closet.

1. Motorcycle jacket

The motorcyle jacket has become more and more popular throught the world of fashion. When you think of a motorcycle jacket you probably think of something that an old man that rides his motorcycle would wear, but that’s not all true. This jacket can be worn with almost anything. You can dress it up or down depending on where you plan on wearing it. You can use it as your every day coat if you wanted to. Don’t forget that it comes in all different colors and fabrics!

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2. Leather Detailing

Leather has always been a trend for as long as anyone can remember. This year many designers are putting leather on EVERYTHING. If you want to stay in touch with the trends for 2013 then leather would be your best way. If you don’t like leather jackets or leather pants, you can always try shirts that have leather sleeves or shoulders. Even if you went with leggings with leather panels on them.

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3. Colorblocking

Colorblocking was very popular later in 2012 and has transitioned into 2013. When wearing this style you could pair it with almost anything. Since you usually have more than one color in colorblocking than you get to have more of a variety of outfits. There are certain rules you should follow when you wear a color blocking item.


1. Only wear up to 3 bright colors at a time.

If you wear more than 3 bright colors than you could experience some damage to the eyes!

2. Incorporate Neutrals.

When you have many different colors on that include brighter colors you should always pair it with more neutral colors. You don’t want to look like you are in an 80’s workout video. You want to present your self with style and pairing blacks, grays, and tans are a great way to accomplish that.


To even wear color blocking style you already have to be brave and have some confidence. If you pair color blocks with patterns it could get ugly! Also, do NOT pattern block. You may think that stripes, polka dots, and bird print go together but NEWS FLASH they don’t.

4. Futuristic Blouses

To bring in the new year why not bring in futuristic clothing?? Well for 2013 people are taking that idea into their closets. The futuristic digital blouses have become more popluar during the fall and winter seasons. They have been put on button down tank tops, slouchy shirts, and even sweatshirts.




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