Spring into fashion

Whether you like it or not Spring is just around the corner and is bringing fabulous new trends with it! Even if the spring season is not your thing you better get ready for bright colors, stripes, and maybe a little of some floral print. Below I have put together the different spring trends that will start popping  up in stores all around you. Here it goes!

1. Black and White

When thinking of spring you may think of bright floral patterns that you would see from a mile away, but this season designers are taking a new approach. For spring 2013 many designers are using black and white designs to make a lasting impact. You will see many striped patterns with these two colors. Even though it may seem as a darker side for such a happy time in the year, it is also classy and elegant.

2. Statement Sunglasses

During the spring season there will be more sun and more fun so why not bring a wonderful pair of statement sunglasses? People everywhere, from the runway to the streets will be rocking big outthere sunglasses for the next few months. If you want to be apart of this trend just go to your favorite store I’m sure they will have some! P.S. don’t be afraid to get a little crazy!

3. Bold Stripes

If you don’t like the floral or digital print style why not play it safe with some bold stripes? Simple yet elegant, this stripe trend is making an impact. You can achieve many looks with this trends. If you are a truely daring person then you can try the stripes head to toe!

4. Short Suits

Glamour is saying “If you buy one thing this spring, make it a short suit”. And there exactly right! This spring short suits are coming into play in the world of fashion. Not everyone wants to wear a long drapey suit to work everyday or even out on the town. Why be hot and sweaty when you can accomplish the same look while staying cool?

5. Sporty Dresses

The A-line skirts and shoulder showing tops are perfect to catch your spring fling! On the runways all over the world people were showcasing their sporty dresses. This trend is perfect for the girl who doesn’t like going hot pink and floral print on her dresses. The sporty chick will certainly think that this trend is hands down amazing!

Hopefully these trends helped you out for when you make your next shopping trip to the mall! If you want to know more about these styles or trends check out Glamour Magazine’s website!

***Inspiration from Glamour Magazine’s article on Spring 2013 Trends***

To check out Glamour Magazine’s article go to the following website:



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