Closet Organization 101

Throughout the years I am sure that you have accumulated more clothes than your closet can probably handle. That is why I went and found certain ways to organize your closet so that you can fit everything you have and make it look neat! From scarves to sundresses here are ways to make your closet easier to enjoy!

1. Fold your clothes

Now if you are like me than you have more than just your average blouses, you have your t-shirts for the gym, your pajamas shirts, your sweatshirts, etc. If that sentence applies to you than this tip is perfect! If you have a lot of extra t-shirts a tip for you would be to fold them all and then stack them on a shelf. If you do this than you will have more free space for other items. Besides shirts you could also do this tip for jeans or other pants. If you have lots of shorts this is a great way to store them as well.

2. Shoe Storage

No girl can have too many shoes right? Well how are you supposed to reach that goal when your running out of room in your closet! If you put up cubbies in your closet(easy hand-made shelves) than you will have more room for more shoes. If you have flats or sandals than you can store those to two in a cubbie space. The heels and other bigger shoes can be stored to one per cubbie. If you have extra room then you could store other things like scarves and clutches!

3.Know Your Measurements

When planning on organizing your closet you should always know how wide and what length your closet is. If you are wanting to put shelves in you should definitely know the measurements of your closet. Having the measurements will help you decide what kind of organization you should have and want. Knowing if you closet is big or small will also help with deciding what kind of organization.

4.Built-In Drawers

To save your room some more space forr more things you can install drawers in your closet. This is simple and easy and can be done in a flash! Yes, you will have to do some construction but it’s worth it. Putting drawers in your closet will allow you to have a majority of your clothing items in your main closet. Having dressers outside of the closet can be a pain especially when you have to cram everything into those small spaces. Making your own drawers will allow to also pick the desired length and width so that you can hold the most items as possible.

Features: Built-In Drawers

5.Double Up

Organizing your closet is all about making more room so you can go shopping more right? Well putting up double the bars to hang more things is a great idea so you can store more things in buckets on the floor.

6.Closet Helpers

Using a clear pocket shoe holder is great to hold extra accesories inside your closet. It fits great on your door if you are left with no more room inside the closet. Works great as more organization for you so its easier to find things without destroying your wardrobe. If you use pieces of notecard as labels it will make it more efficient when searching for that one item.

Closet Helpers: Multi-Purpose Shoe Holder


Using piping is a great organization technique for storing scarves. If your like me, you have more scarves than days of the year. If you cut PVC pipes into sections that will fit in one of your drawers of your closet it will help you store your scarves more effiecently. To create this look all you have to do is measure the height of your drawer and then cut a PVC pipe into small circles that fit your length. Then, arrange the pieces in your drawer and then roll your scarves and VIOLA!

Closet Helper: Piping

Hopefully these tips helped you create your dream organized closet!

To check out more tips and tricks go to the following link:


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