Nailed It:Spring 2013 nail polish colors

Since the month of February is coming to an end and so are those dark nail polish colors we need new ones to replace them. Those pastels are back and ready to bring out the inner glow in your hands and feet! If you are interested in the colors for this spring season continue reading! 🙂

1. Pale Nails

Pale neutral colors are going to be huge this season! With everyone wearing bright colors in their clothes you need your nails to stand out. Why bring in more bright colors when you can keep it more neutral? Cream colored nails are a great way to keep a balance between those bright pastel colors!

2. Metallic

If you think that pastel colors are the only things allowed during spring time YOU’RE WRONG! All over the runways and fashion shows, models were sporting metallic nails. Colors from silver to gold, to copper. If you want to try this look out but don’t want to be to risque right away, then you can try painting one or two of your nails a metallic color while the rest are another choice!

3. Two toned

Who needs one color when you can have two?! If you’re going to participate in this trend then all you need is two different colors! This trend has became more and more popular lately and the runways aren’t an exception. Painting your tips or the cuticle area of your nails one color while the rest of the nails are a different color, or no color at all, is what the two toned trend is all about! This is a great idea if you want to have a little daring to your nails but not overboard.

4. Jagged Edges 

Spring isn’t just all about flowers and pretty things, you can add a little rebel rocker in there somewhere right?? RIGHT! Your nails are a perfect example! Lately jagged edged designs and unmeasured lines and popping up everywhere on nail beds! To achieve this look you just need two or more different colors and a creative mind!

If you liked these spring tips and tricks for your nails during the 2013 season then don’t hesitate to try them!


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