Size Doesn’t Matter

If you opened up almost any magazine or website online you see the images of skinny girls. The tabloids and media have portrayed being underweight a “thing” or something that everyone should wear. If you look at celebrities they are all fit and small, and these celebrities are people’s role models. The truth is, is that being skinny is not how it should be, being normal is the new “thing”.

Looking around high schools and colleges you see girls trying to become someone they’re not. They all try so hard to look exactly like how the media wants them to look. Based on the hair, size, and clothes, they all look like robots. Now everyone says to be yourself and to be different, but they actually do mean this. You should be whatever you desire to be. You don’t need to be under 100 pounds to look good! If you are any shape or any size, you will always look fabulous!

I think a lot of girls struggle with the idea of being skinny or fit. So many of them want to look like their favorite celebrity. Truth is though, that many of these celebrities aren’t as perfect as they seem. They struggle themselves and look at other celebrities to become just like them. We all just need to be ourselves.

There is a difference between being healthy and just being overweight. You can maintain any weight you would like but make sure you are being healthy. You could be 200 pounds and being active, you were just made that way. Girls and guys both need to understand that everyone is made differently and being healthy for you could mean 200 pounds.

Studies have shown that when girls look at themselves they think of themselves as not pretty or they think that they are 10 times bigger than they actually are. It is just a natural tendency for girls to think that they are always fat or ugly. But once again truth is that you are all beautiful and are not ugly or fat, you’re perfect just the way you are.

Dove recently put out a video that is called Real Beauty Sketches. If shows women of all different ages describing themselves to this man who then sketches their face based on their descriptions of themselves. Then another women comes in and describes that same person to the sketch artist and they put the two images together. The sketch that the women described themselves turns out not looking like them, but the other one does and they realize that they girl themselves a false description. This video has and will continue to open so many girl’s eyes to what actually happens when you look in the mirror.

Remember everyone is beautiful no matter their size! 🙂


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