Pajamas aren’t Clothes

Here is a topic that I truly just don’t understand. So many people are walking around IN PUBLIC with their pajamas on. It confuses me so much that I decided to write about it. I recently was at the store and this lady in front of me at the checkout was wearing Snoopy pajama pants and a Winnie-the-Pooh sweatshirt. It’s great an all that she loves Snoopy and Winnie-the-Pooh so much that she had to get their clothing items as an adult but seriously?

It baffles my mind at how people could care so less about how they present themselves to the world. Dressing nice isn’t for everybody and I understand that, but there is a difference between dressing nice and looking presentable and being able to look like you actually shower and put some effort into your appearance. If you can’t even do that then how could you drive your car and go into a place that people can see you?

Another problem. There is a difference between wearing your pajamas and wearing sweats. They are not the same thing. I know that many people just wear their sweats as pajamas and more power to you but I hope that you don’t wear the same pair out in public as you did when you were sleeping because that is just dirty.

There is a stereotype that goes around saying that the place that has the most people that don’t care about their appearance and don’t care if they wear their pajamas out in public is Walmart. There has been a website created and everything dealing with these kind of problems. is a website that shows you pictures of different people spotted in their Walmart wearing something that you should never wear in public and a majority of those is pajamas. I think when people go on their website and see that so many people around the world are wearing just whatever not caring if it’s appropriate or not, they start to think that maybe it’s ok. Well guess what, it’s not. I mean yes it is funny to see someone who is wearing pajamas and looking absolutely ridiculous but I feel bad for them because I know how much people look and judge. You don’t want to be that person that is being judged on their personality just because they wore pajamas out in public once.

They say that people judge your appearance based on what you wear. First impressions are everything. It’s not right to judge people just by the way they dress but it happens, people do it ALL the time. If you want people to look at you and say well they obviously have a bad personality because they’re wearing pajamas outside of their house, then go ahead and wear them wherever  whenever. But if you want to have a change to prove yourself and actually look presentable don’t wear pajamas in public.


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