Best Online Shops

Forever 21

Forever 21 online is so much different from their stores in malls. You can view everything and not be limited to certain things that the store near you has. Everything is organized by the item, as well as new arrivals and style deals. If you are looking for somewhere that has cute but affordable clothes than I suggest you check out Forever 21!


If you like Forever 21 but you want higher quality products, then Tobi is a great website for you to try. Many of Tobi’s products are edgy and sophisticated. Everyday they have new arrivals that are 30% off. With greater quality clothing items comes a higher price but they are totally worth it! PLUS: when you join you get 50% off your first order!

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a similar store to Tobi and Forever 21. The prices are more expensive but it is also better quality. If you want something that is more edgy or daring than you should definitely check their website out. They have everything from clothes to accessories. The website also comes with look books to see how to style the different items on their website.

Hot Bloom Jacket

Urban Outfitters

If you’re the type of person that wants to stand out or not be so “mainstream” than Urban Outfitters is the place for you. Their clothes are great for people who want to trend set. Even though their clothes can be a little pricey, they are worth it. The best thing about Urban Outfitters is that they always have sales. What makes the online store even better than the actually store, is that they have deals that are sometimes not offered in stores! Not only does the online store have clothing items they also have things that you can have in your home.


The Etsy website is something out of the ordinary and great for people who like creating and selling things. The whole idea around this website is that people create items and then sell them for a certain price in their own shops that they create on Etsy. This website has everything from phone cases to toe rings. If it is something that we have in the world than it will be on there. The unique thing about this website though, is how everything is created and designed by someone. You will have to message the seller with the information that you want for your item your purchasing but that’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville has very simple and edgy clothes. Everything that Brandy has is casual and comfortable. The give you the look of casual chic and you can wear most of their items year-round. One thing you should keep in mind for this brand is that, most of their stuff is just one size and doesn’t come in multiple sizes. Make sure you keep this in mind when you are ordering online because some things may fit differently on you than it would on the model that is shown on the website wearing the item.

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Size Doesn’t Matter

If you opened up almost any magazine or website online you see the images of skinny girls. The tabloids and media have portrayed being underweight a “thing” or something that everyone should wear. If you look at celebrities they are all fit and small, and these celebrities are people’s role models. The truth is, is that being skinny is not how it should be, being normal is the new “thing”.

Looking around high schools and colleges you see girls trying to become someone they’re not. They all try so hard to look exactly like how the media wants them to look. Based on the hair, size, and clothes, they all look like robots. Now everyone says to be yourself and to be different, but they actually do mean this. You should be whatever you desire to be. You don’t need to be under 100 pounds to look good! If you are any shape or any size, you will always look fabulous!

I think a lot of girls struggle with the idea of being skinny or fit. So many of them want to look like their favorite celebrity. Truth is though, that many of these celebrities aren’t as perfect as they seem. They struggle themselves and look at other celebrities to become just like them. We all just need to be ourselves.

There is a difference between being healthy and just being overweight. You can maintain any weight you would like but make sure you are being healthy. You could be 200 pounds and being active, you were just made that way. Girls and guys both need to understand that everyone is made differently and being healthy for you could mean 200 pounds.

Studies have shown that when girls look at themselves they think of themselves as not pretty or they think that they are 10 times bigger than they actually are. It is just a natural tendency for girls to think that they are always fat or ugly. But once again truth is that you are all beautiful and are not ugly or fat, you’re perfect just the way you are.

Dove recently put out a video that is called Real Beauty Sketches. If shows women of all different ages describing themselves to this man who then sketches their face based on their descriptions of themselves. Then another women comes in and describes that same person to the sketch artist and they put the two images together. The sketch that the women described themselves turns out not looking like them, but the other one does and they realize that they girl themselves a false description. This video has and will continue to open so many girl’s eyes to what actually happens when you look in the mirror.

Remember everyone is beautiful no matter their size! 🙂

Your Best Spring Dresses

Spring is all about dressing in your cute pastel clothes and enjoying the decent weather. Many events happen in the months of spring such as graduations, parties, weddings, whatever you may be attening you will always need something to wear. The perfect item to wear in spring time is dresses. They are easy to put together and look adorable on! Dresses work well for any girl, no matter what shape you are. Below are different dresses that you could sport during your spring season!


Peekaboo Dresses

Long dress

Oh My Love cutout dress $53 –

Jane norman dress $61 –


Peplum Dresses

Peplum dress

AX Paris peplum dress $38 –

ONLY peplum dress $46 –

Karen Millen shift dress $245 –


Floral Dresses

House of Holland colorful dress $540 –

Floral sundress

Floral dress

Cotton dress


Maxi dresses

Ella Moss colorful dress $270 –

Rare London roses dress $75 –

Floral dress $40 –

High Low

High Low Dresses

DIY: Mini to Maxi

Maxi skirts are becoming a thing that every person will need to have in their wardrobe by the time summer starts. It is a great piece that you could wear with almost anything! From crop tops to cardigans you could put tons of outfits together with this staple piece! Many stores are coming out with their rendition of the maxi skirt but most of them are just the plain cotton fabric skirt that is long and can be heavy.

If you want to switch it up and create your own skirt you can try the following directions that will give you a mini to maxi skirt! The mini skirt is put underneath the maxi skirt that is sheer so you can see the mini underneath. The directions are incredibly easy to follow so don’t be afraid to try them!

What you will need:

  • Stretch cotton mini skirt
  • 2 pieces of lace 1 yard each (may need to be shorter or longer depending on your height)
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing pins


  1. Take your cotton mini skirt and start pinning the lace to the waist band of the skirt( the width of each piece is up to you, depending on your size and how much you want gathered)
  2. In order to create the gathered look and to prevent the skirt from losing the stretch, stretch the waist band tight while pinning the lace onto the band.
  3. Once you have finished pinning the lace, sew it into place(You want to pull the elastic tight while you sew just like you did when pinning it)
  4. Hem and sides and edges that you have left that need attention
  5. ENJOY!

For more step by step help and pictures that describe what you are doing please check out the following website


DIY: Lace Shorts

Starting last year lace shorts were becoming more and more popular as the summer went on and then the seasons changed, but that didn’t stop the shorts from coming back this spring season. Last summer I saw lost of lace shorts that were higher priced that looked fabulous but you didn’t want to have to sell an arm for so I found a solution, DIY! This is a great way to create the shorts you desire and not break your piggy bank while doing it!

What you will need:

  • Pair of soffee shorts(or any shorts you want to use)
  • Lace fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue

Steps to creating lace shorts:

1.  Go to your nearest craft store and find the lace that you would love to see on your new pair of shorts. Great places to find lace fabric would be Jo-Ann Fabric Store or Michael’s.

2. Take a pair of shorts, I recommend Soffee shorts, they are comfortable and great for this type of project! Take your shorts and lay them out with the strips of lace on top.

3. Measure and cut the strips of lace so that it will be the same length as your shorts.

4. Take your fabric glue and glue just the top part of the lace so that you get a layered look! You want to start your next line of lace right about where the previous one ended.

5. After you are done applying the strips of lace to your shorts make sure you hang them up to dry all the way before wearing them!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY and to try it out for yourself! It is a simple and easy way to create the look without having to go and buy $100 pair of shorts!

Spring Trend: Rompers

Since the weather is starting to warm up the fun and fashionable rompers are coming back into people’s wardrobes. These easy to style, easy to wear clothing items are great for this season. With so many different patterns, rompers are great to pair with any accessory and can be throw on for almost any occasion!

Great places to find rompers:

  • Target
  • Forever 21
  • H & M
  • Charlotte Russe

Spring Trend: Rompers

Dorothy perkin

$42 –

H M jumpsuits and romper
$45 –

Lipsy floral romper
$42 –

Charlotte russe romper

Forever 21

Navy blue romper
$23 –

$23 –

Perfect Occasions to wear them:

  • Birthday Party
  • Dinner with friends
  • School
  • Casual work day
  • BBQ
  • Pool Party
  • Lunch date



When shopping for rompers make sure you try them on because the sizing runs different for different rompers. The shorts on the rompers could ride up higher than you may like so make sure you are getting the right size!

Power of Emerald

The “it” color for spring this year is emerald green. The color hasn’t been shy, popping out everywhere from mannequins to people walking down the street. If you want to try this color out for yourself, here is some inspirational outfit ideas!

 Look #1

Emerald Look #1

Wallis tie top

KG Kurt Geiger stiletto pumps
$195 –

Look #2

Emerald look #2

Joseph jacket

True religion jeans
$280 –

Kenneth Jay Lane chain necklace

Norma Kamali black eyewear

Spring Break Must have Accesories

Since a lot of us are planning to take a must needed spring break trip in the coming months than you must all need to know the must haves to bring along with you! I have gathered up the top eight items you will need to make sure are in your suitcase!

1. Beach Bag

If you are planning on going to the beach a lot this is a necessary MUST! Going to the beach or even to a pool means you will probably be staying in the same place for awhile. Why would you want to walk around to get things that you could just bring along with you in your beach bag? Your bag can carry things for towels to sunscreen. There are many different styles and patterns for bags so you can find one that you like best!

2. Sunglasses

This should be a no-brainer when you are thinking of what to bring on your spring break vacation. You need sunglasses anywhere you go unless you are going to somewhere without sun it is a must! There is many many different types of sunglasses so you could bring whatever pair you think looks fabulous on you!

3. Sunscreen

HELLO?? Who wouldn’t need sunscreen! If you are wanting to stay protected against those dangerous rays than i suggest you pick up a thing of sunscreen. If you are not a fan of the generic sunscreen than you could also try products with sunscreen in them such as lotions or lip balms. Make sure you are also aware that some of these products will not protect you as well as regular ole’ sunscreen so be cautious!

4. Sun Hat

Since you will probably be out in the sun for long periods of time throughout your trip you should consider buying yourself a sun hat. They are the best things to protect your head from the hot sun and they look so cute too! Sun hats are so in this time of year so you won’t have to worry about being on top of style trends!

5. Comfortable Shoes

Bringing your cutest pair of sandals is a definite must for spring break but you should also consider bringing a pair of shoes that you find your most comfortable(preferably sandals). If you are going to be somewhere with lots of sand and water than I would suggest shoes that you also wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty. When sand stays on your shoes it can make them turn a brownish color if not washed off so make sure you bring darker colored shoes!

6. Scarves

If you want something that is an easy accessory to put with any outfit then you want a scarf. They are great pieces that can go with ANYTHING and take no thought into putting it in your outfit. For this type of occasion I would stick with scarves that a lighter weight and not a wool type fabric.

7. Makeup Remover

Wearing makeup while tanning or laying out can cause you to not get as much sun as you would like. Most makeup products have some sort of SPF in them so it would not let you get as tan as you want. You want to make sure to take your makeup off and I mean who cares if you aren’t wearing makeup…YOU’RE ON SPRING BREAK! There are many different types of makeup removers such as wipes and liquids.

8. Body Spray

Making sure you smell good is always a must but especially on vacation. Bringing along your favorite body spray will help you stay well scented while your laying out on the beach!

spring break must have accesories

Mad love

Straw hat
$27 –

Loop scarve


Spring Day & Night Look

Have you ever had the dilemma of picking out an outfit in the morning and then getting to night time and the decision is ten times harder? Well this post is for you! Why go through the struggle of picking out two completely different outfits when you can choose one? Using one essential item with different accessories for day and night is a great way to accomplish the day to night look! With spring coming up here’s an idea for a spring day and night.
Spring Day Look

Oh My Love lace dress
$60 –

Lanvin ballet shoes

Louis vuitton bag

H M bracelets jewelry
$11 –

Bangle bracelet
$140 –

Spring Night Look

Oh My Love lace dress
$60 –

Alexander McQueen box clutch

LK Designs swarovski crystal earrings
$140 –

Nailed It:Spring 2013 nail polish colors

Since the month of February is coming to an end and so are those dark nail polish colors we need new ones to replace them. Those pastels are back and ready to bring out the inner glow in your hands and feet! If you are interested in the colors for this spring season continue reading! 🙂

1. Pale Nails

Pale neutral colors are going to be huge this season! With everyone wearing bright colors in their clothes you need your nails to stand out. Why bring in more bright colors when you can keep it more neutral? Cream colored nails are a great way to keep a balance between those bright pastel colors!

2. Metallic

If you think that pastel colors are the only things allowed during spring time YOU’RE WRONG! All over the runways and fashion shows, models were sporting metallic nails. Colors from silver to gold, to copper. If you want to try this look out but don’t want to be to risque right away, then you can try painting one or two of your nails a metallic color while the rest are another choice!

3. Two toned

Who needs one color when you can have two?! If you’re going to participate in this trend then all you need is two different colors! This trend has became more and more popular lately and the runways aren’t an exception. Painting your tips or the cuticle area of your nails one color while the rest of the nails are a different color, or no color at all, is what the two toned trend is all about! This is a great idea if you want to have a little daring to your nails but not overboard.

4. Jagged Edges 

Spring isn’t just all about flowers and pretty things, you can add a little rebel rocker in there somewhere right?? RIGHT! Your nails are a perfect example! Lately jagged edged designs and unmeasured lines and popping up everywhere on nail beds! To achieve this look you just need two or more different colors and a creative mind!

If you liked these spring tips and tricks for your nails during the 2013 season then don’t hesitate to try them!