Fashion Don’t:Dresses Over Pants

Dresses over pants. Never should be worn together. If you think that this is acceptable that you probably haven’t looked in the mirror. Many stars are starting to wear this hideous attire to red carpet events. Just because the stars are wearing them doesn’t make them ok to sport out in public, or ever! If you want to wear a dress then wear a dress, if you want to wear pants then wear pants, but know that they should never go together.

Long shirts are different that dresses, they may look like dresses but they are not. Long shirts over pants is ok because it’s a shirt not a dress. For example if you were wearing a long henley¬†shirt over jeans that would be acceptable and cute. If you wanted to wear a bodycon dress with jeans that would be out of question. I don’t understand why this is becoming a trend and why so many women think that this looks ok.

The thing that is really confusing about dresses over pants, is why they choose to pick the same color and fabric of pant as the dress. It makes it look way worse than before if you are wearing pants that match the dress. It just look like they did a bad job hemming your dress and added legs. NOT OK! Also, if you are going to wear a longer dress you don’t need to have pants on underneath. The dress was made long so you wouldn’t have to wear anything underneath, it already covers up your legs. You don’t need to wear a maxi dress with jeans, that does not look good AT ALL.

This trend still makes no sense to me. Dresses and pants were made to go in separate outfits, not together. The only time that this trend would be acceptable is if you were dressing up for Halloween or you had to play a confused older woman in a play.

Another thing that we need to clear up real quick is that leggings are not the same thing as pants. Yes people wear them as pants but they are not the same thing. They are meant to add more fabric to something or be some sort of substitute to pants if you didn’t want to wear them with your outfit. Dresses with leggings are acceptable, but make sure you pair the leggings with the right type of dress, because it can still look a little¬† bit off.

So ladies do all of us on this world a favor and do not wear dresses with pants, even if you wanted to wear the dress under pants, don’t do it. Wear them in separate outfits, that way you won’t look so confused and lost when you are wandering around the streets of America.

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