Winter Trend: Shorts with Tights

As the winter season approaches, many style trends have started to come out. Many fall fashion trends are transitioning into the winter months. Recently, many people have been sporting the shorts with tights look. This look is great to still wear your shorts from the summer months when it was warmer! Usually people wear darker colored shorts that and dressier than just your average jean short. You can wear any types of tights with shorts. You can wear patterned, sheer, plain, textured, any kind of tights there is would go with shorts. This is a great trend for the colder months because the tights will keep you warm!

Here are some inspirational photos:colored-tights-trouser-shorts-leopard-scarf-002-e1318555463170

If you don’t want to wear tights with dressier shorts than you can also try it with jean shorts. This would be a good look if you want to be more casual. Some inspiration for different tights with jean shorts are here:


Some great places to purchase cheap but adorable tights would be, Target, Forever21, and Betsey Johnson. If you want the cheapest pair then Target would be your best option!