Foot for Thought

Everyone is always talking about all these spring trends and outfit ideas for the spring season but no one is really mentioning shoes for spring. If you go anywhere you are going to need shoes,  so I am here to provide you with different shoes that are popular for spring 2013. If you have anymore shoe suggestions make sure you comment below on your favorite pair!


Why wear a shoe with just one color on it when you can wear a shoe with two colors? That’s exactly what everyone is thinking especially in the fashion world. Two-toned shoes have become very popular for this spring season and will look great with anything. These shoes are a great way to experiment with color without having to risk an outfit disaster. If you want to try the color blocking trend than these shoes are a great way to get you started as a beginner. Two-toned shoes will look fabulous with anything that you decide to wear so make sure you pick them up on your next shopping trip!

      two toned shoes

Ankle Strap

Heels will be all over this spring season as they always are since the weather is warming up, but the most popular type of heel this spring is the ankle strap. This shoe has one strap that goes around the ankle for a sleek look. The ankle strap makes your legs look extended and longer which instantly makes your outfit 10x better. The heel is not the only thing that is coming in with one strap, flats are now showing the one strap as well, for those girls who don’t dare wear heels.

Ankle strap shoes


Prints will always be in for all different clothing types but for this season printed shoes are the new hot thing. Print is always great to spice up an outfit and make it more of a fashion statement than it was before. If you have a simple outfit and need something more printed shoes are a great thing to add to your wardrobe.

Printed shoes

D’Orsay Flats

The name sounds weird but the shoes are the next best thing. Flat lovers will die for this item as it is an essential for this spring. Pairing these beauties with flirty dresses or a cute pair of shorts,  you can’t go wrong with your outfit decision with these adorable shoes.  They come in all different colors and textures you will be set for the best-dressed lists. 

D'Orsay Flats


 These are the cutest and most casual thing out there today. You can pair them without anything that your heart desires to wear. They come in many forms such as wedges or flats. If you want any color or pattern I’m sure it is out there. These are great for slipping on to go to the beach or even the park. The tough sole makes them durable and the laid back look of them completes the casual look every girl is dying for.

Espadrilles Shoes

Make sure if you have any favorite shoes for spring you leave them in the comments below so we can all get ready for spring season!


Spring Break Must have Accesories

Since a lot of us are planning to take a must needed spring break trip in the coming months than you must all need to know the must haves to bring along with you! I have gathered up the top eight items you will need to make sure are in your suitcase!

1. Beach Bag

If you are planning on going to the beach a lot this is a necessary MUST! Going to the beach or even to a pool means you will probably be staying in the same place for awhile. Why would you want to walk around to get things that you could just bring along with you in your beach bag? Your bag can carry things for towels to sunscreen. There are many different styles and patterns for bags so you can find one that you like best!

2. Sunglasses

This should be a no-brainer when you are thinking of what to bring on your spring break vacation. You need sunglasses anywhere you go unless you are going to somewhere without sun it is a must! There is many many different types of sunglasses so you could bring whatever pair you think looks fabulous on you!

3. Sunscreen

HELLO?? Who wouldn’t need sunscreen! If you are wanting to stay protected against those dangerous rays than i suggest you pick up a thing of sunscreen. If you are not a fan of the generic sunscreen than you could also try products with sunscreen in them such as lotions or lip balms. Make sure you are also aware that some of these products will not protect you as well as regular ole’ sunscreen so be cautious!

4. Sun Hat

Since you will probably be out in the sun for long periods of time throughout your trip you should consider buying yourself a sun hat. They are the best things to protect your head from the hot sun and they look so cute too! Sun hats are so in this time of year so you won’t have to worry about being on top of style trends!

5. Comfortable Shoes

Bringing your cutest pair of sandals is a definite must for spring break but you should also consider bringing a pair of shoes that you find your most comfortable(preferably sandals). If you are going to be somewhere with lots of sand and water than I would suggest shoes that you also wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty. When sand stays on your shoes it can make them turn a brownish color if not washed off so make sure you bring darker colored shoes!

6. Scarves

If you want something that is an easy accessory to put with any outfit then you want a scarf. They are great pieces that can go with ANYTHING and take no thought into putting it in your outfit. For this type of occasion I would stick with scarves that a lighter weight and not a wool type fabric.

7. Makeup Remover

Wearing makeup while tanning or laying out can cause you to not get as much sun as you would like. Most makeup products have some sort of SPF in them so it would not let you get as tan as you want. You want to make sure to take your makeup off and I mean who cares if you aren’t wearing makeup…YOU’RE ON SPRING BREAK! There are many different types of makeup removers such as wipes and liquids.

8. Body Spray

Making sure you smell good is always a must but especially on vacation. Bringing along your favorite body spray will help you stay well scented while your laying out on the beach!

spring break must have accesories

Mad love

Straw hat
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Loop scarve