Style Steal: Jennifer Lawrence

Everyone loves her. Everyone wishes they could be her friend and now everyone wants to dress like her. Jennifer Lawrence. The hilarious actress also has impeccable style. Even though most of the outfit choices she makes while not on red carpets are casual, they still look amazing and so put together.

Looking at pictures of Jennifer and the different clothing items she wears, you see a lot of jeans and t shirts as well as cardigans and jackets. She has a very laid back wardrobe which makes it easy to recreate! All of the items that I chose for three different looks are all $50 or less!

Look #1

This look is very easy to recreate because most of the items should already be essentials in your closet. With this look you can substitute about almost anything. Since this look is already so casual, it is easy to make it your own.


Jennifer Lawrence #1

H M satchel purse
$25 –

Look #2

For this look it is a little bit harder to get your hands on these items, especially depending on the season you are in, but it is still manageable. This look is great because of the romper. It is adding a sort of plain clothing item and spicing it up with the leather jacket and fedora.

Jennifer Lawrence catches a Sunday Movie with friends
Jennifer Lawrence #2

Black moto jacket
$66 –

Love romper

Brixton hat

River Island black glasses
$16 –

Look #3

This last look is probably my favorite. It is a very easy outfit that requires no time at all, but once on looks like it took hours. It’s an effortless outfit that still looks like you put a lot of thought into it.

Jennifer Lawrence #3

Clu ribbed cotton tank

Old Navy clothing

River Island black maxi skirt
$36 –

Vegan oxford shoes
$41 –

Topshop fedora hat