Fashion Inspirations

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney’s style in fashion is very bohemian chic with a little vintage mixed in. She isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion and she is able to pull them off every time. You see her in harem pants a lot, which is a risk in itself. She once said that she was loving the 70’s vintage look. Another one of Kourntey’s must haves would be a blazer. No matter what outfit she is wearing she pairs a blazer with it. Whether it is a classic black or alone with a pop of color, she is always sporting them. Even though Kourtney likes to take risks and wear things that are more daring, she also can pull of casual, simplistic looks. If she wore jeans and a button down it would look great on her.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is known for not really caring what people think of her, especially paparazzi. When she steps outside on a regular day you see her drift towards the more comfortable outfits such as jeans and t-shirts. She wears a lot of maxi skirts and dresses which are also on the more casual side. Jennifer Lawrence likes to keep it simple on the streets but on the red carpet she wears beautiful dresses. Although most of the dresses she wears on the red carpet are yet again, simple, they still look stunning.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ style is very edgy. She does rare outfits that most people couldn’t pull off. She likes the black, dark colors with spikes. She wears a lot of cropped tops and high-waisted pants. If you were to see her out of the streets or in the recording studio she would be wearing her short spiky hair with high-waisted pants, a crop top, combat boots, and a leather jacket. Over the years Cyrus has definitely grown up and her style has proven that.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad’s style is very girly and bright. She loves to wear colors but keep it sophisticated. She knows all the tips and tricks for fashion so she can pull off anything! Conrad always likes to keep things simple so she pulls outfits together that would work for day and night. Lauren is always on point with her outfits whether it’s from just going to the grocery store or to an event. Since she has her own clothing line, you too can try out her favorite pieces!


Spring Trend: Rompers

Since the weather is starting to warm up the fun and fashionable rompers are coming back into people’s wardrobes. These easy to style, easy to wear clothing items are great for this season. With so many different patterns, rompers are great to pair with any accessory and can be throw on for almost any occasion!

Great places to find rompers:

  • Target
  • Forever 21
  • H & M
  • Charlotte Russe

Spring Trend: Rompers

Dorothy perkin

$42 –

H M jumpsuits and romper
$45 –

Lipsy floral romper
$42 –

Charlotte russe romper

Forever 21

Navy blue romper
$23 –

$23 –

Perfect Occasions to wear them:

  • Birthday Party
  • Dinner with friends
  • School
  • Casual work day
  • BBQ
  • Pool Party
  • Lunch date



When shopping for rompers make sure you try them on because the sizing runs different for different rompers. The shorts on the rompers could ride up higher than you may like so make sure you are getting the right size!

Power of Emerald

The “it” color for spring this year is emerald green. The color hasn’t been shy, popping out everywhere from mannequins to people walking down the street. If you want to try this color out for yourself, here is some inspirational outfit ideas!

 Look #1

Emerald Look #1

Wallis tie top

KG Kurt Geiger stiletto pumps
$195 –

Look #2

Emerald look #2

Joseph jacket

True religion jeans
$280 –

Kenneth Jay Lane chain necklace

Norma Kamali black eyewear

Spring Break Must have Accesories

Since a lot of us are planning to take a must needed spring break trip in the coming months than you must all need to know the must haves to bring along with you! I have gathered up the top eight items you will need to make sure are in your suitcase!

1. Beach Bag

If you are planning on going to the beach a lot this is a necessary MUST! Going to the beach or even to a pool means you will probably be staying in the same place for awhile. Why would you want to walk around to get things that you could just bring along with you in your beach bag? Your bag can carry things for towels to sunscreen. There are many different styles and patterns for bags so you can find one that you like best!

2. Sunglasses

This should be a no-brainer when you are thinking of what to bring on your spring break vacation. You need sunglasses anywhere you go unless you are going to somewhere without sun it is a must! There is many many different types of sunglasses so you could bring whatever pair you think looks fabulous on you!

3. Sunscreen

HELLO?? Who wouldn’t need sunscreen! If you are wanting to stay protected against those dangerous rays than i suggest you pick up a thing of sunscreen. If you are not a fan of the generic sunscreen than you could also try products with sunscreen in them such as lotions or lip balms. Make sure you are also aware that some of these products will not protect you as well as regular ole’ sunscreen so be cautious!

4. Sun Hat

Since you will probably be out in the sun for long periods of time throughout your trip you should consider buying yourself a sun hat. They are the best things to protect your head from the hot sun and they look so cute too! Sun hats are so in this time of year so you won’t have to worry about being on top of style trends!

5. Comfortable Shoes

Bringing your cutest pair of sandals is a definite must for spring break but you should also consider bringing a pair of shoes that you find your most comfortable(preferably sandals). If you are going to be somewhere with lots of sand and water than I would suggest shoes that you also wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty. When sand stays on your shoes it can make them turn a brownish color if not washed off so make sure you bring darker colored shoes!

6. Scarves

If you want something that is an easy accessory to put with any outfit then you want a scarf. They are great pieces that can go with ANYTHING and take no thought into putting it in your outfit. For this type of occasion I would stick with scarves that a lighter weight and not a wool type fabric.

7. Makeup Remover

Wearing makeup while tanning or laying out can cause you to not get as much sun as you would like. Most makeup products have some sort of SPF in them so it would not let you get as tan as you want. You want to make sure to take your makeup off and I mean who cares if you aren’t wearing makeup…YOU’RE ON SPRING BREAK! There are many different types of makeup removers such as wipes and liquids.

8. Body Spray

Making sure you smell good is always a must but especially on vacation. Bringing along your favorite body spray will help you stay well scented while your laying out on the beach!

spring break must have accesories

Mad love

Straw hat
$27 –

Loop scarve


Spring Day & Night Look

Have you ever had the dilemma of picking out an outfit in the morning and then getting to night time and the decision is ten times harder? Well this post is for you! Why go through the struggle of picking out two completely different outfits when you can choose one? Using one essential item with different accessories for day and night is a great way to accomplish the day to night look! With spring coming up here’s an idea for a spring day and night.
Spring Day Look

Oh My Love lace dress
$60 –

Lanvin ballet shoes

Louis vuitton bag

H M bracelets jewelry
$11 –

Bangle bracelet
$140 –

Spring Night Look

Oh My Love lace dress
$60 –

Alexander McQueen box clutch

LK Designs swarovski crystal earrings
$140 –