Fashion Don’t: Cheesy Graphic Sweatshirts

Okay, so recently I have been seeing lots of people walking around with these ugly graphic sweatshirts that you shouldn’t be caught in public wearing. I’m not talking about the ones that say love with a heart, I’m talking about the ones that have a pumpkin on it or even a star. 

These are tacky and ugly people. I know some people don’ t like to dress up when they go out in public and that is perfectly fine. I don’t care if I see someone who is wearing sweat pants in public because whatever they just want to be comfy, but when you have this huge cartoon picture on your chest, that is where I draw the line. These sweatshirts are starting to pop up everywhere in stores. People are starting to buy more and more of these because the stores sell them for cheap. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE! They are cheap because they are ugly and they don’t think people will  buy them so they put them at a lower price. 

Yes I know that everyone has the right to wear whatever they want and I respect that. I am just giving you all some advice on what actually looks presentable and what needs to be burned at a bonfire. The tacky sweatshirts are great for parties and events that you’re supposed to wear ugly shirts. For example during Christmas time lots of people have ugly sweater parties. Once again they are supposed to be ugly and that’s why everyone wears them. It is not Christmas season all year long, so you don’t have to wear the sweater or sweatshirt all year long. And plus, why would you want to wear it more than once anyway? 

If you love the cheesy graphic sweatshirt trend and that’s all you own in your closet than go right ahead and strut it out in public but keep in mind that you may look a little strange. If you want to keep wearing them maybe try and find something that is a little less toned down. There are some graphic sweatshirts that are acceptable. For example, Forever21 has lots of graphic sweatshirts that are cute and affordable, but make sure you are on the lookout because sometimes they get a little crazy.


Be safe out there and make sure you stay away from anything that is a sweatshirt and that has big, large cartoon figures or letters on them!