Winter Trend: Sparkles, Sparkles, and more SPARKLES!

During the beginning of the winter season it has not been a secret that sequins and sparkly things are in! Many stores and designers have been coming out with every single piece of clothing item and more with sparkles galore on them! This style trend is great for getting ready for the new year and a start for something new. The most popular have been glitter sweaters. Both a great match together. The warmth and comfort from a sweater, and sparkles to make the outfit stand out. Here are some great clothing items that would follow the trend:


Any of these three items would be great to use for New Years Eve or to a holiday party. If you don’t have any parties or events to go to, these clothing items would be great just to wear around town. You can never have too many sparkles!

Here are some great outfits that these items would go fantastic with:



Winter Trends: Layering

During the winter months, depending on where you are, can get very cold and you aren’t able to wear half of your closet anymore because its just not worth freezing! Well who says that just because the weather changed and it is now colder that you can’t still have style and look cute??? Well layers are a great way to still look cute but also stay warm! Now doing layers can become to look a little messy so here are some tips on putting together a layering outfit that still looks cute!

1. Mix patterns with solid colors.

  • Many people drift to darker colors during the winter season, which is great but you could also add a pattern or two to make your layering outfit not so boring. An important tip to keep in mind when adding patterns to not add too many because it can become overwhelming to the eye.

imagesCANY6N4P2. Don’t pile on too much heavy layers

  • When layering, you want to keep the different items of clothing light so you don’t overwhelm yourself with the amount of items that are hanging on your body. Layering lots of heavy, bigger items, can also make you look larger than you actually are which sometimes doesn’t look too flattering. If you layer two lighter items with one heavier item on top, you will complete the layering look.

layered-scarves-cardi-bf-jeans-perfect-outfit3. Add a shall rather than a sweater

  • Layering sweater on sweaters can become bulgy and not so flattering. It is true that you want to stay warm and that’s part of the reason why layering is so in, but to help you keep your actual shape, you can try something like a shall. They come in knit forms and also thinner, scarf like fabrics.


Winter Trend: Shorts with Tights

As the winter season approaches, many style trends have started to come out. Many fall fashion trends are transitioning into the winter months. Recently, many people have been sporting the shorts with tights look. This look is great to still wear your shorts from the summer months when it was warmer! Usually people wear darker colored shorts that and dressier than just your average jean short. You can wear any types of tights with shorts. You can wear patterned, sheer, plain, textured, any kind of tights there is would go with shorts. This is a great trend for the colder months because the tights will keep you warm!

Here are some inspirational photos:colored-tights-trouser-shorts-leopard-scarf-002-e1318555463170

If you don’t want to wear tights with dressier shorts than you can also try it with jean shorts. This would be a good look if you want to be more casual. Some inspiration for different tights with jean shorts are here:


Some great places to purchase cheap but adorable tights would be, Target, Forever21, and Betsey Johnson. If you want the cheapest pair then Target would be your best option!